Leds in 2.6 and camera roll trouble

Finally made some flights with 2.5.5 after months of trouble just getting it flying acceptably.Now i have a few minor issues:1I want to put on some led strips,does any one know which an pins supplies which led function in the new 2.6 code by Robert Lefebvre?2My camera mount roll adjustment is very jerky around centre, small movements of the copter makes the camera gimbal move a long way across centre,after that it moves ok, tilting the copter the other way,also works fine until around centre, then it jerks for quite a distance, any one seen this?Thanks for all the hard work!Geir

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  • +1 for the camera jerk near center.  did you find a fix?

  • Hello,

    Here is a snapshot of the LEDs related code where you can see the name of pins in both APM1 and APM2


    #define COPTER_LED_1 AN4   // Motor or Aux LED
    #define COPTER_LED_2 AN5   // Motor LED or Beeper
    #define COPTER_LED_3 AN6  // Motor or GPS LED
    #define COPTER_LED_4 AN7  // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_5 AN8 // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_6 AN9  // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_7 AN10  // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_8 AN11  // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_1 AN8   // Motor or Aux LED
    #define COPTER_LED_2 AN9   // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_3 AN10  // Motor or GPS LED
    #define COPTER_LED_4 AN11  // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_5 AN12 // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_6 AN13  // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_7 AN14  // Motor LED
    #define COPTER_LED_8 AN15  // Motor LED

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