Let's talk Canon cameras

Id love to get an idea what people are using for their aerial mapping Canon cameras. I have the Canon S95, which usis optical image stabilization (OIS). This means the lenses are floating and move around in a very finite level to adjust for your hand movement. This poses a big problem for aerial work when the vibrations are noticeable. The lenses literally vibrate and no amount of shutter speed can fix it. I get very poor results; most aren't keepers but sometimes they are depending on motor rpm. Ive tested this camera for years on many different platforms, tried every vibration reduction method and still get bad results.


So, I'd love to hear what you are using and how the results work.


UPDATE: Ive ditched the Canon s95 in favor of a Sony NEX-5R with an intervalometer app. Ill be using a Sigma 30mm lens.

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  • Hi Matt,

    I use the canon S100, which has pretty much the same specs as the S95, but with an internal GPS. In S100 you can simply turn off the image stabilization. Ensure that the "Safety Shift" is turned OFF if you are shooting in TV mode, otherwise shutter speed will still be neglected. Also the S100 is in phase-out to be replaced with an wifi-controllable model, but for sure you still can find one on ebay.

  • I just tried my Sony WX10 camera for the first time last night.  My vibrations are fairly well damped, but not perfect.  I used the video mode, and it's pretty much just a blur.  Not jello, but blurred.  I'm pretty sure this is a problem with the image stabilization, which I cannot turn off on this camera.

    Has anybody had a problem like this with these Canon cameras.  I know some cameras just can't be made to work at all due to vibration.

  • I ended up buying a GPS-enabled SX 230 HS for $100 on ebay the other day. Im figuring that if it isn't any better than my S95 in terms of lens shake, then I'll just resell it. But I have hopes.

    It looks like the SX 230, 260, and 280 all use the same optics, sensor, and processor.

  • Hey Matt,

    I use the SX260 HS with pretty good results. I turn the shutter speed up to something like 1/1000th of a second and get very few blurry pictures. SX260 is being phased out soon and will be replaced by SX280 (for which CHDK isn't ready yet, I believe)

    • Hello!

      I`m Trying to produce some terrain mapping. I use an SX260HS with the CHDK interval script, and choose with 3sec interval on my 550 Hexacopter. Tried on auto and Tv modes, but all the photos are blurred. Can you tell me more about your settings? Supose you use in manual mode... Do you use the Apm script to control the shutter by the Arducopter? Thank`s in advance, Miguel

  • ...continues talking to self. :)

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