First things first, I am completely new to this, and what I've learned so far has been from forums, youtube, and any other places I can find info.  I say this in hopes that any answers or assistance anyone can provide are given in "noob" or laymen terms. Thank you ahead of time, on to the issue.

I've taken my 250 through the Openpilot setup wizard and things seem to be ok except for that I cannot get the drone to do a straight take off and landing. When I give it throttle it immediately begins drifting back and to the left.  My first thought was that the initial leveling wasn't done proper, maybe the drone itself wasn't level when I did it's calibration. This brought me to my first problem/question. The best thing I have at the moment to test how level my drone is, is a bubble leveling app on my phone. But the issue comes in where do I place it on the drone to get an accurate level reading. The best I've found is balancing it on the back 4 screws that attach to the rear arms. Any where else isn't big enough to place my phone on or has something that gets in the way of it. So here are my questions

1) What's the "go-to" accurate way to test the level of a quadcopter

2) Am I barking up the wrong tree to fix my un-level hover on the QC

3) What other settings are there to adjust within Openpilot that I can use to obtain a level flight/hover

I appreciate any words of wisdom and advice that anyone can give. If there's any more info that I can provide to help any of you understand my issue let me know

p.s. I'm currently stationed in Korea and am limited on space and resources. Right now I'm testing flights in the basement of my parking garage and working with limited tools.

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