Lidar Lite not working

Hey guys, working with a new lidar lite rangefinder. I can not get it to display data. Sonar range and voltage always zero. I have hooked it up per the wiki instructions. (double and triple checked by my self and others), proper voltage to the right pins, double and triple checked the parameters for pins and types, have tried plane 3.7, 3.3, 3.2.6 and others. Mission planner 1.3.9, 1.3.25 and 1.3.44. I have even plugged stuff in backwards (not reverse polarity, but sometimes this works because of witchcraft). Absolutely no headway. I can not find anything online that solves the problem. If anyone has an idea or the same problem input is much needed and appreciated!!! Thanks !   

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  • Jeremy,

    I assume from your last reply that you have not gotten your unit working yet. I DO have the unit working standalone, and have been able to getting some readings from Mission Planner.  However, I am still having some issues.


  • Hi all, After a long weekend out of state I have finally figured out the problem!

    My lidar is a v3 unit. Manufactured by Garmin and having white labels, I am not sure if this is a recent change but none the less It is DIFFERENT. My unit did not come with a pin out diagram, hence I assumed the wiki was correct. According to the Wiki for ardupilot the pin out (if looking at the unit from the top down into the sensor) is top to bottom -+5v, Power,mode, SCL, SDA, ground. After much frustration and trouble shooting I decided to do some digging and found the Garmin produced manual for v3 units. As I found out These units are exactly opposite..... Why? who knows but the pin out is bottom to top the exact opposite as the wiki details. I did a fair amount of research before and during my install and I found almost not information in the community about the v3 models. (just blue/black label units and their problems). 

    This is the Manual that I found and used- 

    If I missed any previously published information please do direct me to it, And for anyone that might run into the same Problem I hope this helps save time and frustration!!! 

    As clarification- I did not previously mention This is in the PWM driver configuration on AUX ports with a BEC for power.
  • Jeremy,

    Did you get it working yet?

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