Lift 180 pounds (80 kg) with a Drome.

Hi everybody!

Does anybody knows if there is any Drome that can lift 180 pounds (80kg) just 12in (30cms).

It has to be small, not those very big quadcopters.

If not, do you have any idea of which  motor can I use to build it?

Thanks very much!!


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  • All other factors being equal: I believe if you double the diameter of the propellors on a given craft (quadcopter), you probably increase the static thrust by a factor of FOUR times. Of course, if you then increase the power of the motor by a factor of, say, three times, your overall static thrust rises as well.....

  • I saw this done on "Rocket City Rednecks", which for those who have not seen it, is a Reality TV engineering show on cable. Their machine started as an octo-copter, built to lift a man who weighed around 80Kg. Eventually they ended up with 16 motors, looked to be about 2-3KW each with props around 400mm each. And a huge load of batteries. I don't know which controller they used but the machine was not stable and had to be tethered to the ground to keep the guy from killing himself. In all fairness they do these builds over a weekend :)

    The 30cm lift requirement doesn't help. You still need to break ground so thrust needs to exceed the weight of the airframe + load. The low height actually requires more power than normal flight due to a phenomenon called "ground effect". This occurs at low altitude where the thrust bounces off the ground back into the oncoming prop thrust causing turbulence. It lowers prop efficiency and therefore thrust, so you need more power to hover at 30cm than at normal heights, say 10m.

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