Hey guys,

Has anyone played around with lightening the arms on the 3DR Y6? My build came out a little heavy from the recommended weight so I was looking at ways to slim it down without effecting structural integrity too much.

One idea I had was to drill uniform holes in the ARMs to reduce weight. I'm not sure of the original design but the current arms are over-kill in terms of strength from what I can see.

Be interested on thoughts/experience.

Mr Gecko.

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To help with my description, I was thinking something like this: http://diydrones.com/photo/lightening-holes

I don't have any insight, but agree that you could probably remove some material from the full arms.

I just don't know how much weight you would actually save.  Most of my build weight is in the battery and motors, with the aluminum arms being a very small component.  There are, after all, only three.

I am in the process of building my 3dr y6. You say your build was a little heavy. What is the recommended weight and where did you get this spec?



I found the spec on the kit page here

  • Weight without battery: 1200g

Thanks, I just got done weighing mine and with battery I am at 1600 Grams. I am using a flour scale from the kitchen so I am not sure how close that is but its better than guessing. Next I need to figure out what the camera and gimbal are going to add to it. 


I trimmed 8 oz from my 3dr hex with just good wire management.

226g sounds like an great reduction. what did you do? I have already removed bullet connectors.. not sure where else I can slim down. 

Sorry, I just double checked.  I trimmed 23 grams per motor from the speed control to the motor wiring including the bullets. Not distribution plugs (all soldered) is worth another 8 grams per.  I trimmed a few grams per motor off the power wires into the speed controls from the battery but they are almost full length. My SC's are about 60% down the arm and are zip tied, with wires outside.  I also trimmed a bunch more by also using all nylon hardware (except motor to arm connection). 

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