I'm getting conflicted answers on the below setup, and was wondering if someone could help me once and for all.  My setup goes like this:  SK450 frame, NTM 2826 1000kv motors (9x4.7 props amp draw of around 12A), naza m V2 w/gps, 9x4.7 or 8045 props, Frsky 2.4ghz Rx and a 2200 3S 25C nano tech battery.  From what i see online, people are telling me the following is the way to calculate flight time:  2.2 / (total amp draw of motors 48) * 60 = how long in minutes, although that comes out to like minutes.  I see people with this exact setup and exact battery with a heavier metal frame saying they get 7-8 minutes.  Can someone please help with the amount of time I think i would get?  i dont have the quad built yet, but am looking to leverage all the 2200mAh lipos i have, rather than having to buy new ones :(  I'm good with 7-8 min flight times, but 2 min would be ridiculous :)  Any help someone can give would be totally awesome!!! Just looking for some logic and estimates of what i can "really" expect.  Thanks guys!!!!

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  • It will weigh around 3 pounds, that includes any of the FPV gear I will put on it. The 12A per motor came from the Hobbyking site where I got the motors. They have this calculation:

    9x4.7 - 11.1V / 113W / 10.2A / 0.632kg thrust

    So I went conservative and rounded up to 12A considering I am using a 3S battery and very similar sized props. So that should generate around 12A I would imagine. Unless of course those numbers seem way off to people who have actually done those calculations. People recently have told me to expect around 8 minutes with this setup. So I'm thinking I am fine, but any feedback you have on my setup or if you disagree with those times, please let me know, thanks!
  • How much will your quad weigh when it's complete, and where did you come up with 12A per motor?

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