Loading ArduRover onto Arduino Mega - Doesn't send MavLink

I am trying to use an Arduino Mega 2560 + GPS module + IMU module on a rover (because I had all this stuff and I don't have a Pixhawk setting around).  I followed the instruction, downloading the latest Ardupilot software ant the special Arduino IDE, etc.  Everything builds and loads/verifies fine.  

I then go into MP to configure the rover and I don't get any MavLink responses from the Arduino.  MP times out.

I feel like I am really close to getting this working, What else should I have to do?

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The code hasn't worked on Arduinos for years, and hasn't even worked on 8-bit processors such as the Atmegas in Arduino for years.  I think the last version that could even be compiled on pre-Pixhawk boards was 2.49 

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