Can someone point me to the DFX files for the frame board, carrier board, landing gear, and arms of the new 3DR Quad kit? 


I thought the dxf files and other CAD files were stored over in the Google site with the source code, but it doesn't look like that's the case any longer.

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did you ever find them?

I have them for 3dr kit if you need.

That would be great.  How do we do that on this forum?



can you convert to dxf?

Yep,  Got them thanks....

Now we need those of the motor mounts and we are good to go.

Not having all of the files (especially the arms) it is hard to tell what the motor to motor diameter is...  I thought this would have been a good use for the code repository.  Did these files just get forgotten when the repository changed?

If anyone out there knows what size quad the software/hardware was developed on, please chime in.  Building my own frame and want to be in the ballpark.



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