Loiter circling

3691053965?profile=originalGood evening Gent´s

probably simple problem I can´t fix:


Double Tri - heavy and same problem on normal Tri (standard weight)

APM 2.5, 3.01


Alt hold working very well, then switchig to loiter it does not hold position, but starts circling with increasing speed, the tail pinned always in the heading as started.

12 sats visible, magnetic sensor calibrated.

I am still lost about the PID´s, could anybody please help?

Tried the search function, but could not find any discussion about this.


many tks in advance



2013-08-26 18.33.01.jpg

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  • I had the same issue, turns out it was LOITER_LAT_I and LOITER_LON_I

    I set them to zero (I think they are completely hidden with the latest Planner - check in advanced params).

    Once you have set I and D to zero, lower the P and try again.  Maybe start with a fairly low P value, and work upwards.  High P value will make it want to go back at high speed.  Make it lower so it's not so aggressive - it may drift further with wind, but should oscilate less.  Once you have the oscilation out, you can slowly increase P again for better response.

    Here are my loiter settings:


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