• This week im trying to use two channels to get full 1080p
  • All three, and if you can use two rpi 0s in thr plane you can señd commands from mission planner etc.
  • For video transmission system.

    David Posea said:

    for video or radio control/tele,etry ?

  • signal booster  is for receiver that is available.

  • COFMD transmitter & receiver....we are testing but not meet expectations,also the metal box is too heavy ,as high power output need the heat dissipation issue. 

    Nop, only focus on the (PA)power amplifier in the transmitter to solve this,improve the power output.


  • for video or radio control/tele,etry ?

  • we have 400-1400GHz TX ,right now it transfer over 10km,wanna develop over 20KM this TX

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