Long range radio options


I am looking for a long range (~10 km) telemetry solution at 868 MHz. At the moment we're using Adeunis ARF53 radios, but it seems they are no longer manufactured. We got great range with them - over 10 km NLOS in a suburban area using simple wire antennas.

I would really like to use 3DR (or compatible) radios because they are MAVLINK aware, but the range is just too limited. There's supposedly the option of using a bidirectional amplifier, but I haven't found anything reasonably priced. Also, an external amplifier seems unnecessary when there are radios that can output 500 mW.

So, after looking at different radios I think that the Ciseco ARF is the best bang for the buck. I like the fact that it supports encryption.

Do you have any suggestions for a long range telemetry radio at 868 MHz?

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  • why dont you use Maxstream Xtend or Xbee PRO with NLOS range of about 50KM to 60KM with high gain Antenna

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