Hello Guys,

As some of you may know I've tried to do my first flight test today.

It was not why I call a success. In fact it was exactly the contrary :(

I was not even able to take off !

I bought a plane because it was more suitable for taking aerial picture but in the other hand you need as well to know how to fly. I can't go to a rc club at this time, but I will do it when I'll go back to my country.

I was maybe to ambitious for the plane but I really want to learn. This is why I was thinking to buy a copter as a seems easier for a beginner (Am I true ?).

Before I buy it, I would like your advices on the best model. The camera I will use for my test is a Canon Sx260hs (not very heavy) and I would like to be able to fly for at least 20 minutes.

I bought my plane from 3DRobotics and they offer as well some nice copters. Do you have any feedbacks about these products ? The 3DR Y6 looks great but I don't see any gimbal with it. Do you know any gimbal hat I could adapt on the Y6? Or do you know any others products that could fit my needs ?

The maximum price I can pay for the copter + electronics (I already have the apm + gps), is around 600$.

Thanks guys for your advice.


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  • Hey guys,

    Do not hesitate to give me your opinion about a good copter ;)



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