Looking for an air frame that could give me the longest flying time, any suggestions?

Hi, I am thinking about building my new bird that can fly longer, I am thinking a glider will be the way to go...Any recommendation? I will be using Ardupilot 2(Purple board) and a GoPro Hero 2 with a 3s.

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a senior telemaster with a small gasser can hang in the air for at least 60 minutes depending on fuel tank size

No idea on details but i saw a guy with a very
 slow diesel which her spiraled (maybe with help from thermal?) for two hours.

Any pusher planes available for gas engines? I have tried mounting cameras on gas powered planes before and it always got specs on the lens from exhaust. If not a pusher a canister or long exhaust pipe would probably work.

I am sorry James, forgot to mention, it would be electric.. 

two hours sound really good, if I can get at least one hour I will be happy with it....

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