does anyone have experiance with the AC2830HE-508 motors ?

I want to upgradw my current hexa, and was wondering how are thay compared to tiger motors or the avroto motors in much the same price range ?


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Hello Tsahi,

These are a new motor to my store, I have not sold a huge amount of them, however the customers who have taken them seem more than happy with them, I have never used the Tiger / Avroto motors before so could not tell you how they compared. Over all I find them to be great motors!






Hi Martin,

Thanks for your answer.

I'm not expert in motors, but do try to understand as much as i can.

I see that on other motors equelent in size such as the MT2820 the recommended prop is much bigger, can you give more info on what is recommended and tested props to the AC2830HE-508 ?

Hello Tasahi,

10" props are the recommended size for this motor, you will see about 1.2 Kg from each motor on a 4s battery with this prop, not as much as the motor you have listed, but that is still a lot, how much are you looking to lift total take of weight?



Thanks for the info Martin.

My Hexa is about 2.3 Gg, and might go up to 3Kg.

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