Looking for footage/video of people experiencing FPV

I'm looking for video of people experiencing FPV (either via watching the heads up display on a laptop and/or using goggles like the FatShark).  What would be even better is if that person then comments on what it was like.  Does anyone have video footage like that?
I'd like to use the video in an update to my KickStarter project (Taking Autism To the Sky).  The project emphasizes the use of UAS's for helping kids with autism understand perspective taking.  I'm finding that people who are not engaged in this technology don't really understand what FPV is really like and may be reticent to get involved in the project.





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  • Any footage that show people's expressions and comme RS as they experience the process. Do you have anything like that?
  • Paul,

    This is fascinating. For my day job I work in Autism Care Trusts, I've even used an FPV quad to inspect their chimneys and roof! 


    Both carers and residents were  enthralled with the gear.


    I have allsorts of FPV footage - what sort of this are you after? I'd be happy to do you a special :)






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