Hello everyone!,

This is somewhat of an intro/help-seeking post. I'm pretty new to the drone experience as I started last fall by taking a drone class at my school and since then it got me hooked. Now I've bought my own drone as I've already flown the regular plus frame quad with a Pixhawk 2.6 I decided to try an FPV drone without the goggles and stream the video to my laptop.


Flight Controller: Pixfalcon

Frame: Sky Anakin SKH00-280 (By Sky Hero)

ESCs: Afro Slim 20A 

Motors: Turnigy Multi-Rotors 1806-2280Kv

Transmitter: Spektrum DX8

Receivers: AR8000 (Plugged into the Spektrum/DSX port of the Pixfalcon) and an ORX R615X 2.4GHz Receiver.

Battery: 4S 1400 mAh 

Ground Control Station Program: Mission Planner

Camera: RunCam Eagle 

However, I'm running into a few problems. The first one is that I cannot seem to get the motors to increase slowly along with my throttle because the moment I simply move my throttle stick to 5% it shoots up to what sounds like 70% or more and I cannot find a solution to that. I have calibrated my ESC's using the  All-at-Once method in ardupilot and when I test the calibration the motors seem to increase in speed accordingly, but when I take the flight controller out of calibration mode and run it, it simply shoots up to the percentage mentioned. I have tried to see if it was my receivers that were causing the problems and I get the same results from both of them so I doubt that's the case, the one currently on my drone is the AR8000 DSX portion plugged into the DSX port.  

My second problem is a less problematic one and it's that I don't know what transmitter/receiver to use with the RunCam and Pixfalcon.


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