Looking for Linux-based Drone/UAV

I am looking for any open source Linux and C program-based Drone/UAV for my experiment. I need to run some basic linux tools (i.e., strace) both on the drone and ground controller. 

According to this webpage "The ground controller, as well as the onboard computer connected to the drone's Pixhawk 2 autopilot, integrates a 1GHz Cortex-A9 computer running Linux."
I wonder whether the 3DR Solo Quadcopter meets my requirement (open source Linux and C program-based, and I can install and run some basic linux tools such as strace). If not, do you have some suggestion about other Drones?

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  • What James said is correct. You may also look at erle Brain 2 (erlerobotics.com).

  • Thanks a lot for the help!

    James said:

    the solo has a pixhawk2 (stm32f4) as the flight controller, with an imx6 companion computer connected over a uart. If you the autopilot itself to be running on Linux, solo isn't what you need.
    Take a look at bbbmini or navio2.
  • you beat me to it. my recommendations as well james

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