Looking for SiK version 1.0

Hi All,

  I got a programmer friend of mine to change three files, for 3D radio firmware to do some custom job. But that change was for version SiK 1.0. I still have the changes but I have lost the original zip with all the source files. If someone has it than can you please point me to it. The github seems to have only the latest copy.

   If 1.0 is not available then some release close by will also be very useful.


Thanks in Advance.


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  • Developer

    Version 1.0 was git version e0e88b8e37abc2d3dcba3c79560929a50e904db5

    So just clone the git repo, the checkout that hash like this:

      git checkout -b version-1.0 e0e88b8e37abc2d3dcba3c79560929a50e904db5

    Cheers, Tridge

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