Looking for the ultimate UAV camera

I'm looking for a video camera with:

- image stabilisation

- the ability to take photos without having to change from video mode

- simultaneous video out (so it can double as FPV camera)

- remote control (the ability to plug in a cable from your RC receiver with/with adaptor to trigger video start/stop, and photo shoot command)

- 720p video minimum

- 5 megapixels photo minimum

- ability to turn off auto off function or not having auto off at all

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    Ok so my Sony CX550E has arrived and I've done some flights with it.  I think that it meets all the criteria that listed.


    1080P video quality is good and its image stabilisation works well with my Hexa.

    It does 12MP stills when the video isn't recording

    It can take 8MP stills whilst simultaneously recording 1080P video and outputting an analog video signal to my video transmitter.

    It has LANC and works with the Gentles R/C to LANC cable.  I am able to zoom one dial, and using a 3 position switch I can start and stop video and take a photo.

    Auto sleep mode can be disabled, however, the Gentles cable can wake the camera even if auto sleep is on.


    Video comparison:


    If I just need to do video without any zooming or still photo work, I prefer to use the GoPro, as it weights a lot less and the video quality on the GoPro is quite good.

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    I started this thread on RC groups as I have been looking for something similar...

  • we looking for the same camera... 

    But what we found, Go Pro sitll the best choice for us.
    We use go pro for video and capture image with video application (such as gom player) if wee need a pfoto. The photo quality is not so bad in photo mode, its 5 mpx. We modified the standard go pro lens to reduce fish eye effect 

    this is the sample picture in photo mode : 


    this our post on how to modify it :

    Other foto capture from video can be check at : 

    But yes, we still looking for better camera... go pro camera is not consistence with the result... its really depend on light and weather condition

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    Ultimate aerial camera found!!



    It does 1080P and can take 8MP photos at the same time, 64GB solid state recording.  


    I've also found a r/c adaptor that plugs into the LANC port of the camera to provide remote control of the camera

    CH1   Focus.Mode
    CH2   ZOOM.In/Out
    CH3   FOCUS.Distant/Near
    CH4   Record
    CH5   POWER.On/OFF

  • Why not get any camera you like and use arduino to control its functions?

    Some soldering skills maybe required.



  • What about the Sony HV9X?


    I found this guy using it on a xaircraft X650.


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    This would be a good camera if it could be remote controlled, send video out for the FPV transmitter and take photos whilst recording without interrupting the video recording.

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    Let me know when you find it.

    Until then, I buy used cameras, and the one that I have found so far that is closest to these, and is also just 100g is:



    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W570 16.1 MP Digital Still Camera with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 5x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and 2.7-inch LCD (Black) - Sony



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