• I eventually managed to program the 3-way switch on the Turnigy 9X:


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    I have the T7C controller plus the R617FS receiver, but am kinda new to all of this, could anyone point me in the direction of how to set this up?


  • I picked up an E-flite HP6DSM Transmitter, which uses the Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology.  Channel 5 has a knob which works fine on my ArduPilot.  I use the HobbyKing Orange Receivers with the Orange Satellite Receiver.

    This Transmitter is a basic unit, and does not have all the bells and whistles of the higher priced systems. Look on ebay for the best deals.  I have seen new ones as low as $40.00 plus shipping.


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    Low cost and good quality do not necessarily go hand in hand with alot of the Asian R/C equipment. There has been alot of problems with the Turnigy R/C equipment on other forums especially the receivers.

    Since I put alot of work into my aircraft I decided to spend the money on better equipment like Spektrum. I use a DX7 with a three position flap switch that worked fine without any adjusting of the Ardupilot or APM.

    Just a thought.



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