Looking to build my first Quad/drone

Hey, new to for forum, I have been flying small RC helis, and a quad for a while now, and I think its time I upgrade to something bigger. I am leaning towards building my own drone, I live building things, and I am good with electronics. I really like taking photos of cars with my camera, and thats what inspired me to build a video drone. 

SO, what do I need. 

My main question is what flight controller do i want. I would like to be able to control the gimbal from the transmitter somehow. I would like the option for FPV, GPS, altitude hold and any other features that make it easier to fly. If I could get a similar experience to the 3DR solo that would be my goal. I dont mind if its not an easy controller to program the more customization the better in my opinion. Consoles dont scare me, my job is in programming. 

I figure I can think about what motors/frame i want after I pick a flight controller. 

Thanks, I am open to all comments.

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  • Did you start the project?

  • Hello,

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