hello all, I  have 2 e32-433t20d I wanted to try the qczek system on rc groups  last weekend but a friend of me who is a communication engineer was around he saw me working with the modules so he proposed to set those e32 lora 100mw I have to send telemetry on mission planner -he has never had any experience in mission planner or any idea about rc hobby modules- but he is a communication engineerso I thought to give it a try so he used the Chinese configurator offered by the e32 producing company, and set the baudrate 9600 the e32 communicated serial on pc but only showed some forms of communication eg blinking of led but nothing more on mission planner, then we tried 56700 baud rate no success the mission planner connects on the same com port but nothing happens in all cases … now he was trying the modes like broadcasting in Chinese cinfigurator... so one of the loras locked to a mode where it needs transistor to work.... my question is how to set lora e32 to send and recive telemetry for mission planner, is the idea of just uart connection on some baud rate enough to make e32 a telemetry module or what and how should it be done??
and please if some one has a link for antenna tracker using lora e32 post it please, I actually don't need telemetry for any thing rather than building antenna tracker so if it is done I will get away from mavlink communication and mission planner built tracker.
deep thanks in advance for help 

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