So when I load the "real" ArduPlane V2.67 firmware, I get a good

gyro lock, the HUD "arms," and I can calibrate my radio.

But when I load the Sim plane firmware (which is what I need

to use right now), the A/C lights flash wildly, the radio

calibration screen does not recognize my radio, and the

HUD remains "disarmed."  

It worked fine for a long while in sim mode, until 

one day I tried loading the "real" plane firmware.

Ever since this action, no dice.

Please help!


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Tried deleting install, and reinstalling.  Got v 1.2.19.  Same errors.  Now trying to re-update to 1.2.20.

v2.67 HIL is not working at the moment but you can load v2.66 HIL from the planner, in the firmware tab click 'load previous firmware' leave it on the first one and then click HIL > Plane.

You are a saint, Graham!!!

Want to go for 3 for 3, and answer my powerless glider question?  I know,

I'm supposed to be grateful for what I've received, but I can't help myself... ;-)


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