Lost throttle control on landing and broke my skids. Any tips?

Hi guys,

I'm kind of a noob with RC helis in general, so I'm making some noob mistakes and breaking stuff that I probably shouldn't be having a problem with.

Today, I was doing some flying on my TREX 450 Pro V2 3GX, and the heli flew great. But when I started coming in for a landing, the motor suddenly slowed way down, and the heli free fell the last 12 feet or so and busted the landing skids. Throttling up didn't speed up the motor, and it came down hard.

Then, after is smashed down, I still had the throttle stick way up, and it suddenly snapped into action and death-rolled on the broken skid.

When I plugged the battery into the charger, it read the initial voltage at 11.6V. I conjecture that the ESC possibly detected a low voltage level on the battery and decided to throttle down in response, but I'm really not sure what happened. Could I get some feedback from the old pros to let me know how to avoid this in the future?


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     ouch.  I guess you have your ESC directly connected to your receiver right?  I'd guess you're right about the lower voltage cut-off although 11.6V doesn't sound horribly low to me.  It is possible to turn that low voltage protection off of course on most ESCs..even the cheapie ones.

Ok thanks for the confirmation on that. I'll see if I can find the manual for the Align ESC and see if I can Change that. I was really lucky to walk away from that with just a set of busted skids. I have no intention of letting it happen again.

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