Making a Smooth Yaw -- Pan turn

I'm currently running version 2.0.42 (very nice) in stabilize mode, on the standard Arducopter frame and components. I also have mounted a point and shoot camera to take stills and videos.

My question is how do you make the smoothest yaw/pan turn? I tried to just trim the rudder channel once but this was almost disastrous, as I could not find the center again. The transmitter I'm using is the spektrum dxi6 and unfortunately it does not have detents on the throttle so as our yawing right or left the throttle is also going up and down.

Anyone have some ideas or suggestions?

Thank you,

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  • Hi Isitus


    Never trim yaw , its has no end! thats one of the first thing i read since last month (now 99.99% newbie.)


    I also use 2.0.42 with stabilize and what i do while in movement is yaw, tiny elevator up , and tiny bit roll;

    I have a turnigy 9x radio .. and when i mean tiny bit, is like a half millimeter


    If i where to only pan 360° , i'd put a tiny bit yaw and thats all.. maybe play +/- with throttle to maintain altitude

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