Making my first quad drone

I'm new to this and been using some syma quads to play with for a few weeks and been getting good so I wanna build a bigger and better one.  So far I ordered a s500 frame that's 450 size and simmon 30amp escs and a apm 2.8 GPS thing and connecotors and mounts. So I guess I just need the battery and motors?  I was looking at these motors called marspower that are silver and come with the phantom type of blades.  Would that be a good choice? I just like the look and color of the marspower ones.  Also what is a good big battery I can get and where would it plug into?  When I get my frame and stuff will it have a spot to plug it into or will I need to attach some wire or something?  The frame has a built in pcb.

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  • Did you find them under powered on 3S. The numbers say it should work.
  • Have you used the 2212-920kv marspower motors.
  • You need a 4s battery
  • Did you have any thrust issues with the one like mine? I also am having trouble getting my data logs. Like its not recording them. They simply aren't there.
  • That was sooooo long ago. I've built 8 drones since then just like it and now I'm like a drone master
  • It sounds like your headed in the exact same direction as me. Lol. I'm currently running a little under powered, but don't know why. I have a f450 clone with, marspower black2212- 920kv motors, 1045 self tightening propellers, 30 amp Simon k esc's, power distribution board in the bottom frame plate, 3dr power module, apm 2.8 with telemetry module for mission planner, flysky fs-i6 6ch remote and receiver, powered by a reaction 3d 5000mah 30c lipo.all that said, I have no idea why I'm not getting a hover at 50% throttle. My stick is close to 60%-65%.



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