Massive instability on take off.

Hi guys, a newly rebuilt quad of mine has some sizeable wobble which mean I can't really take off. I thought it could prop wash potentially, so the solution could be to just punch it into the air, but Im a little scared to do that given the cost of the equipment onboard. Here is a video of what happens every time I take off. Sorry for the vert. recording.

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  • So it turns out you guys were right. It was set up as a plus config not an x config. I don't know how that happened. Now it flies fine in stability mode, but when I switch it to loiter, nothing happens, its like it is still in stability mode. I guess it needs a tune.
  • Brothers, can anyone help?

    The quad is setup up properly, its motors and props are in the right configuration, I had some issue tuning the ESCs, but I think they are tuned, I calibrate the compass and the accelerometers, Im just not sure where to go from here.

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      Are you trying fly it in + when it should be X ??? What PIDs are you using???

      Please add a log file, its impossible to tell from a video what is wrong.

      • Was gonna say the same. It looks sooo much like a 45 degrees off error, ie, an X copter configured as a + or opposite.

        OP please check that. And you can remove propellers and check that only the front one motor (+) or both front motors (X) speed up as you "fly" it held in your hands dip the nose. Similarly with back, left and right.



        • Here is the weird thing, the thing has been calibrated. Im pretty sure it is in the X configuration. When I rock the thing forward, left, right and backwards with the directional control on the remote, it rocks on its landing gear, exactly the way it is supposed to. 

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