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 Hi ,
       I am a novice to UAVs and I had a couple of questions ,  I have got these 2 quads , say ' X 'and ' Y ' ( both MAVlinked using Xbees which are in broadcast mode  ) and I am using QGroundcontrol to monitor them during flights, also during this whole process ' X ' sends its GPS co-ordinates to ' Y '  and hence ' Y ' follows ' X ' . So I am assuming there would be humongous amount of data collision in all this ..

 1.)  Will that effect the whole scenario ??  ' Y's ' path for following ' X ' is erratic and at times it does follow ' X '  when I reduce the packets being sent by ' X ' to ' Y ' ( by reducing the Telemetry datas , vehicle status , reducing the overall payload ) .  

 2.)  Is there an easy way to monitor the lost packets ?

 3.)  If the groundstation is in the process of receiving packets from ' X ' and halfway through it receives a packet from ' Y ' and so the CRCs dont match and the packet is discarded .. how do I make up for the lost packets ?? There's lot of information being lost here ....


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