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Hi, on a school project i'm supposed to send waypoints to my quad copter to perform a mission, this feature is easy using MissionPlanner interface, but the project is about to send waypoints from a robot on the ground, the robot is a small two wheel robot equiped with GPS. 

For the quad copter i used Crius AIOP v1.1 with MegapirateNG 2.8 R3 and it fly perfectly with Crius extend board that contains ublox GPS and Xbee Pro for telemetry.

My problem is that i can't find a working library for mavlink on arduino with an example to start with.  

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  • I have previously developed a library that can accomplish what you want take a look at MavConnection repository. The code worked for your purpose but it needs some work. My code is now much more advanced but if you need I can give you some hints.

    Take a look at the tests, you have working examples there :)

    • thank you for your reply, your library is written in python, i'm looking for an arduino library...
      i've found one but the exemple with it is not working...

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Aug 25