Mavlink Telemetry -> Frsky D8R-XP -> DJT -> 9XR Pro Is it possible?

I'd like to get some basic telemetry from my APM 2.X back to my Turnigy 9XR Pro transmitter, which is equiped with a DJT Module and a V8FR-II Reciever flashed with D8R-XP firmware.

I have seen the blog post by Rolf Blomgren where he uses a Teensy as a level converter and to transcode the Mavlink datastream to the Frsky protocol which is then recieved through the DJT module and passed on to a Taranis TX, in this case i can understand why he has chosen to transcode the datastream to suit the Taranis.

In my case where i am using the 9XR Pro TX which can natively recieve the Mavlink datastream would it be possible to simply use a level shifter such as the Frsky FUL-1 (or MAX232) to bring the RS232 signal down to TTL level fed in to the Digital Data Port of the reciever and have the Frsky RX simply send the mavlink datastream to the DJT then on to the 9XR Pro?

Can the Frsky telemetry system simply work as a serial data link (in a similar way to 3dr telemetry radios) or does the Frsky system need to recieve data in the Frsky protocol?

It seems a bit crazy to convert from Mavlink to Frsky if the 9XR Pro can read the mavlink datastream.

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