Once again everything was working great, I woke up this morning and tried to connect via xbee, unlike normal "no heartbeats error, I am getting a "get param list Retry 3 sys1 comp 1".

It is connecting and mavlink is showing up just fine on OSD.  Anyone have any suggestions?

connect error.jpg

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  • ANyone know a hack for using a usb adaptor on the APM 2 side of xbee  telemetry?


  • Has any one else shorted out DIY xstream bee adaptors?  I am on # 2 failure after a short in my tx wire today.  The wire snapped loos clead an everything is tucked in tight, no loose wiring.  Now I cant connect.  When I test on usb x bee adaptors it communicates fine, no packets lost, all setting correct.  When I try to connect now via ftdi cable, it wont connect at all.  So I have narrowed it down to the xsteam adaptor.  This is getting really frustrating....

  • NEVERMIND FOUND IT.  It was a broken TX wire to the xbee...


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