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Hi Guys,


I bought a MediaTek GPS from DIY drones to use for a weather balloon project. It won't be used for a drone or with any other DIY Drones hardware.


The problem I have is that my transmitter only accepts either 4800 or 9600 baud input, and while I have been successful in changing the baud rate of the MediaTek GPS to this rate, it forgets after a power down and resets to its default 38400 baud.


I would like to know if there is a default version of firmware that I can load to the MediaTek that will default to 9600?


I could have a micro that changes the baud rate every time after power up, but this might be over-complicating things, and might be another area that causes reliability problems.

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  • You just need to save your settings after saving them.  Some firmwares limit saving setting to 8 times before you have to reflash the unit, so be careful.  NMEA default is usually 9600 BTW.

    4800 isn't really enough to support much communication.  If you have too many satellites in view or too high of an update rate (over 1 per sec), you will have problems.

    This should set 4800 baud permanently...


    YMMV depending on what firmware you're using.

  • I figure most GPS units default to the NMEA 4800 baud, so there would perhaps be a standard general firmware file for this generic setup?
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