This must be the best sell pitch ever or just their fantasy.
But still, if somebody can come up with a formula ( battery size , prop size,
motor ) to get at less 50% of that it would be great .

 This are the specs for the MD4-1000 from the MicroDrones
Empty weight 2650g
Max payload weight 1200g
Take-off weight ~5500g
Size 102cm rotoraxis-rotoraxis
Flight duration up to 60 min
Operating distance up to 2000m
Battery cell LiPo 9000, 18000 or 27000 mAh   
Wind tolerance 12 m/s


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    That don't impress me much.

    If you don't carry a 500g gimbal and 1kg camera, that's 1.5 kg of extra battery that can be carried that will extend flight times.

  • actually it's now up to 88 min flight time check the website

  • @jani, the iBM4006Q looks very promising.  I have been working with larger diameter motors for the last year on my builds.  They are simply more efficient and produce less noise/vibration.  They are much more versatile than motors that have smaller diameter, but longer stators.  I have had no issue with over heating ESCs' or motors.  I am turning 14"APC slow fly props on my MT3506 motors on 3 cells.  Wind is an issue though with this setup, but it can be easily alleviated by switching to 12" APC slow fly props and 4 cell pack (only small adjustment in PIDs').  If you start stocking the iFlight motors I will surely buy some to give them a try.  The thrust to weight ratio for these motors are hard to beat given their current draw. 

  • Jani, I'm curious if those motors might be useful in a helicopter application?  How many Volts and watts are they capable of? It might allow direct drive on a 450 size heli, or less gear reduction on a larger heli.

    It would be interesting to maybe build a 450 heli with this on the main shaft with no gear reduction, and then use a small motor on the tail, direct.  

    Probably doesn't make any sense, but it's just a neat idea.

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    We have been working almost 6 months in jDrones with these big disk motors. There has been done a lot of testings with different materials and kv values and we are happy to inform that our optimized motors will be available in 2-3 weeks. 

    Result have been great and we have tested them with 10, 12, 15" propellers for far. 13-15" will be best for these type motors.


    Just some results:

    15" CF propeller, 560gr thrust and only 3.7Amp. So with 22Amp you can hover 3.4 Kgs roughly on Hexa. On Quad it would be 2.2Kg and 15Amps.

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  • I'd be in for 5-10 motors.  Can you give me the rough specs?

  • @ Maximus  I'd like to be spinning 15-20in carbon props with whatever motor I decide on.  I'd also prefer to do this on a higher voltage setup (eg 6s).  Do you think your 390kv will do that?  Have you tried any larger carbon props?

  • Thanks for your reply guys.  I have several days of hands on experience with the MD4-1000 and with 6s lipo batteries and a standard point and shoot camera we were getting around 40 minutes of usable flight time.  There is just no way MD can claim that amount of flight time with the same setup.  They have to be using primary batteries as Maximus suggested.  @Maximus can you confirm this?

    I've been looking into the rctimer 5010 motor and I've noticed a few have compained about quality but it looks exactly like the motor I need for the job.  I's like to try Maximus' motors but they are very heavy and not sure how they would do with much bigger props.

  • @Ayush, the NX-4005 motors are 24 pole. And at around $30 they are worth a try. my only suggestion is change the prop nut, as the ones supplied are weak. 4S1P 5A Lipo (486g), 12*3.8 APC props, MT3506 motors, custom quad frame (1.2-1.3kg auw, without/with body), 25min flight time, and my Lipos' have seen better days. Stil testing the NX-4005 motors. so far they are looking more promising than the MT3506 motors. regards:-)
  • Hello Brian,

    My motors are 24 poles, nothing to do with RCTimer (12 poles) or other low quality motors


    nobody knows that MD used lithium-sulfur batteries that gives 3 times flight time of Lipos....but very low number of cycles !!!



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