Microdrones claims 60 min of flight time for a Quadcopter ?

This must be the best sell pitch ever or just their fantasy.
But still, if somebody can come up with a formula ( battery size , prop size,
motor ) to get at less 50% of that it would be great .

 This are the specs for the MD4-1000 from the MicroDrones
Empty weight 2650g
Max payload weight 1200g
Take-off weight ~5500g
Size 102cm rotoraxis-rotoraxis
Flight duration up to 60 min
Operating distance up to 2000m
Battery cell LiPo 9000, 18000 or 27000 mAh   
Wind tolerance 12 m/s

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Can can... and price of this device is only like 30.000+ USD ;)

Their smaller md2-400 costs around 20.000 USD. This bigger could easily carry even small fuelcell to extend flight time even more.
Is this a real product? I would think the motors would fry pretty quickly with no air through them.
Yes it is a real product from Microdrones GmBH. It's rather big quad. Which I still wonder why they made it as a quad and not like hexa. This model has "little brother" that looks same but it's half of the size.

Don't know about it motors, maybe they have cooling or they just selected a motors that does not get hot in normal situations.. who knows. Never seen one in real life but I know company in China trough my partner that makes these for Mikrodrones so I can try to ask from them..
The botom of the motor mount is clear , the air enters trow there
Jani , do you know wath motors are these ?

Its seams this are the motors used for the MD2 and MD4

This is the Mikrokopter (hexa) hovering/flying for 40+ minutes. That's with off-the-shelf components. Using custom-made BLs and lipos 60 minutes should not be a problem.

Wow , yea i sow it , 41 min for the hexa , and 35 for the quad , noooot bed .
with 10.000 mah This gives me hope for longer flights .
Dan, i've found few companies so far that makes similar really low low KV motors, price range is from 100 - 400 EUR each. Just like those 15" CF props. They are really expensive but then again if your quad costs 25.000+ USD who cares if you have 400 USD motors on it. Price has to come from somewhere anyways :)

That video is a bit deceiving, guys are flying inside hall where they do not have any wind to messing up hexas, no payload, no landing gears etc. Ok only payload is battery. If they would do this somewhere outside, i'd say take out 10 minutes at least from flight times with same setup.. Ok even if its 30 mins, it is still rather good. Anyways MK is rather good, so we have nice goal to catch in ArduCopter group
I well order tows motors from MK 65€ each , and make some tests. With some 10.000 and 15.000 mah packs , and se ifs worth it .
I`m sure that Arducopter well be whey more bather then all others, is the progress keeps going this fast :)

I know the manufacturer and can sell these motors ;)

but for the moment, they are only "hand made" and suffer of poor quality...


This one is industrial made (but made on demand) !!!

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