Mid Flight Failure with Tricopter.

Hi all,

I'm having a strange issue over months: My tricopter spirals down in midflight, often after flying a circle.

Often it does two spirals and comes back to normal flight, sometimes it spirals down. Sometimes the receiver failsafe warning goes off, sometimes it does not.

Here is a video of a somewhat lucky incident.

Pls notice the sound at sec 6 to 8 and the end. Synch Issue?

My setup is:

Fortis Tricopter, 4S, ESC 30A DYS, Motors are: Sunnysky X2212-13-980kv.

I've changed the APM 2.5 to a pixhawk, I've changed the reveiver, I've changed the powermodule. The issue remains.

The fact that the failsafe alarm goes off sometimes let me think its a power issue, but the log seems to show that this is not the case. I enclosed the excerpt of the log and two pictures of log graphs.

Ch2 RCout (Roll) shows large outputs but I assume, that this is a reaction of the copters attitude.

RCin shows, that there was no input given by pilot.

Can an ESC be faulty in that way? Loose contact?

What else can one derive from the log file?

Pls, has anyone an idea??




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Aug 25