Mini 4K 3axis gimbal camera--Idolcam

Hey Guys,

       We have been working on a Mini size 4K Gimbal camera, Idolcam.  It feature interchangeable lens, and one unit design to easily integrate onto any drone projects.

It will be launch through Indiegogo next Thursday.

Sorry for the plug here.  Hope it's informational for some of you here.  And would love to here your feedback.  3691309803?profile=original

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  • thanks Jason for the update, havn't seen that

    Wolfgang R.

  • Currently it's driven by a modified Alexmos chip-set, which many DIY users are familiar with.  Should be no problem integrating to your current most drone projects.  and specs are be3702272946?profile=original

  • Hi Jason,

    may be interesting. But there are almost no details available.
    You are posting to a very technical forum. I don't like to
    get triggered and the first statement is 'sleep a week and
    start looking again' ;)

    Wolfgang R.

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Aug 25