Mini APM Pro power issues, reboots mid flight

no reply in the mini APM Pro forum so, Powering the Mini APM Pro.Hi everyone,I've had two of the mini APM pro's and the standard mini APM for a while now one has Had a crash . Since reinstalling and setting up on a hex f550 I've found a power issue. I read everyone's comments and I heard someone mention there is a power shortage on the mini APM pro but I still don't understand it or what needs to be done. Does it require a dedicated 5v Bec to feed enough current across the board and the power module?I have the supplied Power Module on and it will power the board but I first noticed a problem when I powered it on for a flight and it was almost locked onto the GPS when it rebooted. I wasn't sure if I had seen correctly or if it had just got sun on the led.So I had a few short flights no probs, flys great RTL then loiter, had it in circle mode, a nice ten meter circle then it dropped about 4-5minutes into the flight while in circle mode. Power went out and crashed which busted a few things on the frame again. Maybe it was the same thing that caused it to go down last time I had it going. So I'm unsure what's up. Anyone who can let me know the proper way to safely power the board even help making a redundant power set up would be good just in case something happens with the main power.Your help will save me scrapping the mini APM pro so I appreciate feedback.Thanks.

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