• Yes, it works just fine. In fact, MiniGPS even works under WINE on Mac OS. Have to create a link in your /dosdevices to point to the USB<-->TTL and good to go.

  • The GPS defaults to NMEA mode at 38400 baud when powered up.  It has to be commanded to go into DIYD binary mode which the DIYD autopilot software does.

    It's simple to talk to the GPS with MiniGPS.  You just need the correct connections.  Assuming you have a Windows PC with a USB port just get a FTDI cable like:

    connect that from your PC to another little adapter cable:

    which connects to the GPS.  No soldering or cutting wires required.  The USB port powers the GPS.

    Start up MinIGPS and connect to the serial port number the FTDI cable created @ 38400 baud and you are in business.

  • Hi Bot Thoughts,

    Well, that is a good question for the experts :)  Which I certainly am not, I'm just learning and having fun :)  !!!!!

    Is there an expert out there that has the answer or that can confirm what Bot Thought is thinking ?  :)

    Does this particular MTK3229 transmit a binary protocol unique to DIYdrones?

    Thank you in advance for your answer. :)


  • I thought the DIYdrones version transmitted a binary protocol unique to DIYdrones? If so, I don't see how MiniGPS could work; it was designed to support the standard protocols found on every other MTK3229.  I don't know if it's possible to tell the GPS to send NMEA output but if so you could try that.

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