Minim OSD Basic Setup

Seems to me that 99.9999% of this hobby is about finding sources for answers to questions, and that if the internet didn't exist no one would be building or flying multicopters or FPV except weird people that live in their mother's basements. Thank goodness for DIY Drones & other similar communities!

Can anyone help me find a comprehensive guide to installing a Minim OSD on my quad? It is already set up using a Tiny OSD III transferred from an FPV e-sailplane about a year ago, which works fine but is relatively heavy/ clunky. I am hoping to shave some weight with the Minim OSD. The controller is a Crius AIO pro V2. I can't find any instructions or schematics at all after a ridiculous amount of time wasted searching. Even searching on this site reveals only down in the weeds discussions.

Thank you all.

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  • Nevermind. I found what I need on Youtube.

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