MinimOSD 1.1 without 12v power


I'm trying to avoid an issue with the 5v regulator on the analog side (12v input) . It drastically decreases my UHF radio range by creating noise in the same freq (433 MHz)

From the wiki, i see this option to connect the analog/digital sides so they are both powered by the APM's 5v, which would bypass this regulator - but I really see no other information on it. 

PowerTieMinimOSD.jpgIs anyone using minimOSD 1.1 being powered by the APM only (with the above solder jumps)? Are there any special considerations? I just really don't want to blow up my minimOSD.

Thank you!

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  • Contact Gabor and Miguel over on the MinimOSD-Extra thread. I believe they both prefer to fly with 5v only on both sides of the board.
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