So, I have a Spektrum DX7 radio talking to a Spektrum satellite receiver, which is plugged directly into my Pixhawk.  How can I get MinimOSD's RSSI field to show me how well the DX7's signal is being recieved?  I see the field, but it has no data next to it.   Similarly, I see there is an RXRSSI field that can be added to Mission Planner's HUD.  How do I get that set up?  

Either one would do, theoretically, but I have video signal 1km away and lose telemetry before then, so getting the MinimOSD to show it would be prefered until I upgrade telemetry (using 3DR radios at the moment).  

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  • Ever figure it out? I'm trying to do the same thing with a Naze32...

  • Is there any progress for this? I have the same setup but with an APM, not able to get RSSI feed. Supposedly there was a firmware update recently (late 2014) that added the feature, but couldnt find anything else...

  • Is that assuming I had a separate receiver on board? I'm just not how to get that info out if the satellite receiver. So it might be a fairly Spektrum specific question, ultimately. I did find DORA, which is a board that outputs RSSI, or something close to it, from the main Spektrum RX, but a ince Pixhawk plays the part of the main receiver, I'm a bit lost.
  • Actually think it is the same as on the FrSky a teensy module is needed to convert the serial signal so the Pixhawk can read it. Not quite sure on the specktrum as I do not have that radio

  • Well, at least I'm not the only who doesn't know.  

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