MinimOSD Current Readings wrong - Please help

I have APM 2.5, MinimOSD 1.1, Fatshark transmitter with a low pass filter for the battery connection.  I configured the placement of gauges to my liking and they are showing up correctly.  I'm getting a 0 to -.1 amp reading in the current meter on the OSD.  My "Battery A" reading is 10.8, even though a Lipo voltage reader shows 11.5V when I plug it in.

My question is, could the low pass filter be the cause of the false readings I'm getting in the OSD?   Has anyone else had this problem?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to configure the APM Hadware Options in mission planner for the correct sensor module. If using the APM power module you set it up like described here

Thanks for the quick response.   I need to order the power module as it wasn't available when I ordered my APM 2.5.  That seems like the easiest solution of the two alternatives.

Is there any danger in setting the voltage above 5.0 V via APM?   My first attempt I set the voltage at 5.0 and the readings seemed slightly low (11.4 v vs. 12 v on a multimeter when I viewed them via the MinimOSD.  So I upped the voltage to 5.12 and now I no longer get readings on the OSD.  Video camera is working fine, but no readings on the screen.  I'm worried that I fried the OSD.

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