MinimOSD dissapears

Hi all,

So I have built my APM 2.8 quad and I am having a few issues with my fpv that I have been trying to diagnose for the past 2 weeks with no luck.


- the signal was getting distorted and interfering with my radio tx. I bought a LC filter- no help. Then I finally moved to a separate lipo.

So now on the separate lipo for the fpv system, I am still facing one big issue:

- Whenever the throttle is increased (past about 20%) the minimosd just disappears! The fpv video stays on but without any osd. Reducing the throttle doesn't bring it back. Only reconnecting the main lipo (no powering fpv) does. 

P.S I am running arducam-osd (latest version ) on my minim. 

A diagram of my setup is attached.



fpv setup.jpg

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  • This is amazing. I just logged on today to report the same problem. I changed FC, MinimOSD, wiring and the same thing happens. Next I will disconnect the motor and see if it is PWM signal or voltage sag (one battery for flight and Video) or who knows what. I have never had this issue in 4 years of using MinimOSD!

    • When this happens it's almost always a problem with the grounding of the Minim and video camera, usually a floating ground. As you increase the throttle the voltage sags a bit and the relative video voltages presented to the Minim drift just enough to cause the data overlay to drop out. Make sure your video system and the Minim share the same ground.

      • Thanks. My grounds are tied and common. Also, it would seem that when the throttle returned to minimum, the OSD would reappear.

        I was thinking that somehow I had the toggle channel tied through the Pixhawk and it was actuating. I have to check everything again.

        I have my 5V OSD lines tied, with the camera voltage just being a pass through affair. This is driving me nuts.

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