So I just got a mavlink OSD from rctimer because the first minimosd I got was defective, and I'm having problems with this one as well. I set up everything as I should as far as I know, but all I get when powered up is the text "Minimosd 2.2 extra on arducopte-" (the rest is cut off by the end of the screen" on top of the video. If I click the restart button it also says "booting up" but when the loading finishes, the title test just stays there as usual. What is going on?

I fixed the previous problem by flashing the beta build of minimosd-extra. But now I can't get it to communicate with my FC, a crius AIOP v2 with megapirateNG. I have tried several param configs, like the one on the wiki, the one in this video:

and these:*inwdanZMF9-7-*Ii--3jAeQubuOdDwGpNJd-8qSDmSunniHiHqzle109Ji6x4j6qtDDdE1KRkQAK2VVun9me/Parameters.jpg


But still nothing works.

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For future records, I found the problem, I had to make some changes in APM_config.h, like setting SERIAL0_BAUD to 57600 because serial0 is FTDI in the AIOPv2.

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