minimOSD no mavlink data. SR3 missing?

Hi new to DIY drones and ardupilot.

Im wondering if anyone else has had the same trouble as me or can direct me toward a suitable resource to help me out.

It goes like this:

Ive loaded up the latest version of arduplane to my apm2.6

ive flashed my minimosd with minimosd extra

ive connected the two (no telemetry radio)

all i get displaying from the OSD is No Mav Data.

after researching this i found that i have to set SR0 and SR3 parameters which can be found in the full parameter list.

i can find all the SR0 parameters but the SR3 is missing and seems to be replaced by SR1. so now i dont know what to set. i've tried treating SR1 as SR3 to no avail. i've alsoposted in the minimosd extra section with no conclusive result.

i hope this can help really looking forward to playing with arduplane. :)

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Aug 25