MinimOSD shows data ONLY after telemetry connect

My gear:

I have an APM 2.6 running ArduCopter 3.2 RC6.  For telemetry I'm using the 915MHz 3DR Telem module to talk to a Samsung Galaxy S3 running DroidPlanner.  For my OSD I have a genuine DIYDrones MinimOSD V1.1 with the MinimOSD-extra 2.2 firmware.

The issue: 

When I boot up my quad the OSD shows zero satellites and 100% battery.  Once I arm the copter, I can see my battery voltage, but it doesn't change as I fly.

If I connect my Galaxy S3 running DroidPlanner, the OSD fires up with data immediately once DroidPlanner connects.

Any thoughts?

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  • Hi folks, any ideas here? This is still happening.

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