Hi everyone,

I want to share what I've been doing lately: a new firmware for the minimOSD board.

You now may ask: why bother?
1) Personally I don't like how the existing firmwares (minimosd and minimosd-extra) are written. The code is a bit messy and it's using all the atmega328p memory (meaning no more features).
2) I like to code

If you want to know more, try it or even contribute to the code please read (I'm trying to keep it updated).

What does it do that minimosd-extra can't?
- Any number of tabs (called screens in minimosd[-extra])
- Any number of widgets (called panels in minimosd[-extra]) in any tab
- Adding a widget is as simple as a "hello world" program.
- The most important: More widgets! I've implemented most of the minimosd-extra "panels" and there is still plenty of memory for a lot more.

What's missing that minimosd-extra has (at the time of this post writting)?
- Most important: a configuration tool for windows/linux. At the moment I have a very rudimentary tool just for font uploading and all the widgets config is done directly in the code (in the config.c file)
- A very small number of minimosd panels are not ported yet (efficiency panel, warnings and shouldn't be much left...)

I fly a plane and been using MinimOSDng for the last days. It working pretty well.

Here are a few pictures captured with vlc at home using the one of my last tlog's:

(my tab setup - can be any tab setup, any order)

Startup tab:


Main tab:


Radar tab:


Flight stats:


Debug tab:


If for some crazy reason you decide to use it, all you need to setup is located in the config.h file.

Warning: This project is still in a very early stage. If you want to try it keep in mind that you will need at least a ICSP programmer (like the cheap usbasp), some knowledge on linux (and linux) and experience with avr programming (fuses and stuff).

Project location:

Bugs, enhancements, issues and even general discussion is welcome at:

I plan to properly create a wiki at:


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  • Good news, indeed! The Extra branch that Gabor and Miguel have created is outstanding. Sadly, they are both too preoccupied with "real life" to keep devoting so much time to this endeavour. In order to choose a successor for the project, Gabor urged me to keep an eye out. You're making it sound like you're starting from scratch. Reimplementing all the requests and ideas made over the past few years will take some time.
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  • This is great news. Gabor and Miguel have done fantastic work in creating the Extra branch. Unfortunately they are both too busy with "real life" to continue donating so much time into this project. Gabor asked me to be on the look out for someone to take over the project. It sounds like you are completely recreating it. It will certainly take some time to reincorporate all the requests and suggestions given over the last couple years.
    I wonder how you have been able to get around the space limitation on the MinimOSD? The idea that Miguel was working on last, was a Config Tool that automatically compiled the firmware with just the panels that the users wants. This way everyone can create their own custom firmware and decide how to spend their memory space budget.
    I don't possess the skills to test your firmware yet, but I look forward to doing so when uploading is easier. You can count on me for lots of feedback in the future.
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