I'm using the latest PixHawk firmware (I believe it is 3.5.5), and I want to adjust some parameters that don't appear in MP at all.  This is a multirotor quad.

For example:  In the SERVO FUNCTIONS, MP has options 0-80, yet in the ARDUPILOT ORG "docs", it says that the SERVO FUNCTIONS have a range of 0-88.

Also, I want to change MOT_BOOST_SCALE.   That option isn't even listed in MP.

When I set the SERVO FUNCTION in MP to "81" the proper value is returned when I issue a REFRESH PARAMETERS, but I can see no way to change MOT_BOOST_SCALE.

My questions are:   Is it possible that the functions that I want to access are not available in my version?

If not, what version includes them? 

How can I make certain that these "hidden" functions show up when I connect with MP?


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