At the end of last year I was starting to get comfortable with missions, but one step forward, two back....

Loaded 3.0rc1 and was very happy with loiter, stable, etc. I then set up a simple square mission at 5 meters - it loitered 10 seconds at each corner, then landed


I waited long past gps lock to get a good fix. I loitered a bit perfectly, then did mission. It did the takeoff perfectly, ran the first leg along the sidewalk perfectly, loitered, did the second leg but kind of hiccupped halfway like it was at wp but then it  went to next corner and loitered fine. It the headed along third leg and suddenly took off in the completely wrong direction and crashed hard.

The copter is mechanically sound, flies well. This was some crazy death wish decision the software made. My confidence that had built up over a number of very successful missions last fall is now shaken - I have crashed countless times with pilot error but watching it make a suicide decision is scary.

What the %$#* happened??



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sorry for you crash.

When you are using beta version expect to fail sometimes.

3.0rc1 is beta, not stable version yet. 

I know we are still in development, but it seems like 'whack-a-mole' sometimes. I had hoped bad missions were in the rearview mirror around 2.7 last year, and the alt hold transition from sonar to baro seemed resolved last fall, but now they are back.

Of course, a lot of progress in things like loiter has been made, so I guess patience is in order. We just have to insure one fix does not mess up another - loiter wander is trivial, mission flyaway not so much.

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