Hi Guys I have noticed that the new Mission Planner has a few new bits added :-)

Now we can roll back to a previous version and now load custom versions

One thing I have notice is the New Fail safe menu, but I can see anything in the wiki for this? (how do we set this up?)

It has been reported to me that when you select this it warns you off making sure your props are removed as this then arms the motors? is this supposed to happen and why!

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Hi Graham. Those features for older/custom/rover firmware were there, but hidden under shortcuts. As I noticed many times questions on forums about it I decided to show them to users.
Hail to open source, baby :)

As for Fail safe it's too new to wiki. Unfortunately, wiki is outdated in many places. Sometimes it was not changed since APM1 :(

Hi marooned,

thanks for the reply, this is something I did ask for to be added to the mission planner the facility to roll back to earlier versions and make this easier for people, the fact that it has been there all along and now has been made visible is a BIG bonus.

As for the Fail safe why add if there is NO info on how to use or set up?? is someone going to explain how this is to be used?

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